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IMPORTANT safety reminders

Upon using the Welbilt Bread Machine, standard safe precautions should always be adhered to, including the following list:

1. Read all directions carefully.  This goes without saying, but plenty of people never even look at the safety reminders or only superficially glanced over them.

2. Do not lean on hot surfaces of the device. This might be a 'duh' moment, but this is a reminder to be careful when operating around this device.  Always use the plastic arm or crank and a potholder when moving the baking pan. Do not close down or obstruct the steam vent openings under any condition.

3. To protect against electric shock, do not damage the power cable.  Keep the power cable away from water or other liquids.

4. Do not run with a crumpled or twisted power cable.  Do not run the bread maker after it malfunctions or has been impaired in any fashion. Take the device to the nearest licensed repair facility for troubleshooting, mending or calibration.

5. Do not position the machine on or beside hot gas or non-gas burners, or in a baking oven.

6. Extreme caution must be taken into account when setting the bread machine containing steaming food items or liquids.

7. To take away and move or store the Welbilt machine, press down on STOP, then unplug the power cable from the wall. Hold the plug and pull from the outlet. Never jerk on the cable portion.

8. Do not use the it for another use other than baking bread.

9. Do not place any ingredients straight into the  machine -- only into the baking pan. The baking pan should then be situated in the appliance.

10. Do not scrub with scouring pads. Pieces can break off the pad and come into contact with electrical parts, creating a danger of electronic jolt and shock.


  1. I got a welbilt bread machine from a thrift store and it doesn't have a owners manual. the model number is ABM350-3 and serial number n50210654. Do you know where I can get one? Thank you! Debbie

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