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Care and Cleaning for your Welbilt Bread Machine

To prevent electrical shock, unplug the unit before cleaning. Allow the Welbilt bread machine to cool before cleaning. Do not immerse or splash either the body or lid in any liquid as this may cause damage and/or electric shock.

For best performance and maintenance, clean the bread machine after each use as follows:

Outer Body, Lid, and Baking Chamber:

Wipe the lid and outer body of the unit with a damp cloth or slightly damp sponge. Use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe out any flour, crumbs, or other materials from the baking chamber. Dry thoroughly.

Baking Pan and Kneading Blades:
Both the baking pan and kneading blades have non-stick surfaces. Do not use any harsh cleansers, abrasive materials, or utensils that may scratch the surfaces. Overtime, the non-stick surface may change in appearance due to moisture and steam. This is normal and has no effect on its use or quality.

    Remove the baking pan and kneading blades from the baking chamber before
    cleaning. Wipe the outside of the baking pan with a damp cloth. NEVER
    IMMERSE THE BAKING PAN in water or other liquid. Wash the inside of the
    baking pan with warm, soapy water. If the kneading blades get stuck, fill the
    baking pan with hot water and soak for 30 minutes or until they loosen and
    can be removed easily. If the hole in the kneading blades become clogged,
    carefully clean it out with a wooden or plastic toothpick. Use care to avoid
    toothpick scratching blade surface or getting stuck in blades.

Never use any of the following to clean your Welbilt bread machine:

•    Paint Thinner
•    Benzine
•    Steel Wool Pads
•    Polishing Powder
•    Chemical Dustcioth
CAUTION: DO NOT place any part or parts of the machine in the dishwasher.

Be sure to dry all parts  before storing including the viewing window. Close the lid, and do not store anything on top of the bread maker

For better performance, allow the unit to cool completely before beginning to bake a second loaf of bread. You can speed cooling by opening the lid, removing the baking pan, and allowing the baking chamber to cool.

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  1. I just bought an ABM 6000 without a manual. I've downloaded one. The problem is that it looks like the kneading blade does not come out. Is it supposed to? It is clean and soaked in water. It looks permanently in place. Is that the way it is supposed to be? Thank you for any information.