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What is Banh Mi?

The latest rage in the sandwich or bread world is Banh Mi.  Ask your coworker what he had for lunch and don't be surprise is he says, I had a Banh Mi.  Banh is pronounced bun, like a hamburger bun.  And Mi is pronounced me, like you and me.  It literally means baguette and grilled meat, so it's basically a sandwich and in this case, and french baguette and some sort of grilled meat, mostly likely either chicken, pork, or beef.  The usual accompaniments with the sandwich are a pork liver pate, a sweet mayonnaise, shredded pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, sliced jalapeno, and cucumbers.  So you get a juicy grilled savory meat, with a bit of tang from the pickled carrots and daikon, followed by a kick with the jalapeno peppers, and a just so subtle bit of sweetness from the mayo.

The Banh Mi hits and all cylinders on your taste buds.  It's one of the reason it's so popular, the other is that it's such a good value.  Most places that sell this Vietnamese sandwich sells it for around $4 for less.  Now that you know what a Banh Mi is you can use your Welbilt Machine to make the french baguette
and then add your meat and veggies to make your own sandwich.

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