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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  This year try a new recipe or two.  Or even new ingredients.  Make the most from your baking time and share with family and friends.


Time for baking

Now is the perfect opportunity to try some fun and new recipes.  Mix in fruits or vegetables to make it more healthy.  What do you think?  Do you have some crazy fun ideas for breads?


Breakfast ideas

As the warm weather approaches and spring turns into summer, the light of the sun in the early morning reminds a lot of people of freshly made bread for a nice home breakfast.  There's nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread to go along with your just brewed cup of aromatic coffee.  That crunch of the crust and the warm soft center as you can see the gentle smoke of the inside of the bread touch the air and a smile jumps across your face in anticipation of the yummy goodness of that first bite and first sip of coffee to help it go down.

The welbilt bread machine can make many different types of bread.  From traditional french bread, sourdough, rye bread, and even a loaf of sandwich bread.  Here are a couple of ideas to brighten up your next brunch or breakfast.  Make a raisin bread.  Raisin bread are more sweet than the other breads because of the raisins and is naturally a great breakfast starch to go along with eggs and bacon.  It's the combination of the sweetness from the bread and the savory from the bacon that works so well.

Another idea is to use the machine to make a simple french bread.  Then turn that into breakfast sandwiches.  This is way better than using plain toast or a old off the shelf bagels.  You'll taste the difference not to mention the love that goes along with it.

Enjoy the coming great weather we're having and above all, keep on baking!


BBQ pork buns

I love bbq pork buns.  For those of you that haven't tried it, it's a Chinese bread product with a sweet and savory bbq pork pieces inside.  It's very yummy.  It got me thinking, while I has having one the other day.  I wonder if my handy dandy can make a version of this delicious baked bun.  Have any of you tried it?  What do you think?  I know there are probably a ton of different bread products we buy from stores and restaurants that we can make our own.  Please share your recipes and thoughts.


What is Banh Mi?

The latest rage in the sandwich or bread world is Banh Mi.  Ask your coworker what he had for lunch and don't be surprise is he says, I had a Banh Mi.  Banh is pronounced bun, like a hamburger bun.  And Mi is pronounced me, like you and me.  It literally means baguette and grilled meat, so it's basically a sandwich and in this case, and french baguette and some sort of grilled meat, mostly likely either chicken, pork, or beef.  The usual accompaniments with the sandwich are a pork liver pate, a sweet mayonnaise, shredded pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, sliced jalapeno, and cucumbers.  So you get a juicy grilled savory meat, with a bit of tang from the pickled carrots and daikon, followed by a kick with the jalapeno peppers, and a just so subtle bit of sweetness from the mayo.

The Banh Mi hits and all cylinders on your taste buds.  It's one of the reason it's so popular, the other is that it's such a good value.  Most places that sell this Vietnamese sandwich sells it for around $4 for less.  Now that you know what a Banh Mi is you can use your Welbilt Machine to make the french baguette
and then add your meat and veggies to make your own sandwich.


Trader Joe's easy bake biscuit

I know this is a bread blog, but I tried something so good and easy that I wanted to share with you all.  It's the Trader Joe's easy bake biscuits, and it's amazing!  It has to do with baking, so it's somewhat related right.  Have any of you tried this yet?  They're so good.  I know it's not as good as the "real" thing.  And that homemade biscuits probably just takes around 30 minutes to make from scratch.  I'm counting all the cleaning too, before anyone says they can do it in 15 minutes.  Yes, yes I know all that.  But, sometimes you just want something nice and easy and not have to whip out your bread machine.  Especially if you have kids, or last minute guests over.

In 10 minutes you can have fresh buttery biscuits with jam or hot flaky biscuits to go along with your mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.  So, am I nuts or does anyone feel the same way?  Have you tried Trader Joe's easy bake biscuits?  What do you think?


Welbilt Bread Machine Parts

I hope you are enjoying this website.  The Welbilt Bread Machine is a great bread maker and there is nothing more special than making something from scratch and the satisfaction of a job well done.  In the modern age of where everything is now, now, now.  It's nice to be able to enjoy mixing some dough, and yeast, and watching the dough rise.  I imagine generations ago where baking fresh bread was a daily routine.  To enjoy a good meal with that fresh crunch of the crust with the warm doughy center must have been delightful.

Luckily for us, through the modern technology we have bread makers to hasten the process and make bread making a much easier process.  But, just like any other machine, appliance, or device... parts get worn and will need to be repaired or replaced.  A lot of people have written to find parts for their bread machine.  But, because the Welbilt company has been dissolved in a while these parts are hard to find.  It's like finding a needle in a haystack for that particular  part or accessory that you need.

I am planning to update this site to include a comprehensive way for you to find what you need.  Instead of searching through Ebay, Craigslist, or some other website, what I'm going to do is condense everything so you only have to look at one place.  Sounds good?  I'll working on this as we speak, so come back again so you can finally stop using your oven to bake bread and start using your machine again.


Welbilt Bread Machine Manual - ABM6900

Baking bread just became much easier.  Why?  Because I just found the ABM6900 for you!  I was able to find a decent quality scan of the manual, so this one may not look as nice and neat as the other manuals but, you'll get the necessary information you'll need to use the bread machine if you've lost your manual.  The welbilt ABM 6900 is another great model if you have one of these.  They just don't make them like this anymore, it's very simple to use and your bread comes out great every time.