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Breakfast ideas

As the warm weather approaches and spring turns into summer, the light of the sun in the early morning reminds a lot of people of freshly made bread for a nice home breakfast.  There's nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread to go along with your just brewed cup of aromatic coffee.  That crunch of the crust and the warm soft center as you can see the gentle smoke of the inside of the bread touch the air and a smile jumps across your face in anticipation of the yummy goodness of that first bite and first sip of coffee to help it go down.

The welbilt bread machine can make many different types of bread.  From traditional french bread, sourdough, rye bread, and even a loaf of sandwich bread.  Here are a couple of ideas to brighten up your next brunch or breakfast.  Make a raisin bread.  Raisin bread are more sweet than the other breads because of the raisins and is naturally a great breakfast starch to go along with eggs and bacon.  It's the combination of the sweetness from the bread and the savory from the bacon that works so well.

Another idea is to use the machine to make a simple french bread.  Then turn that into breakfast sandwiches.  This is way better than using plain toast or a old off the shelf bagels.  You'll taste the difference not to mention the love that goes along with it.

Enjoy the coming great weather we're having and above all, keep on baking!

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