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Yeast is very very important to great bread

Congratulations on owning a Welbilt automatic bread machine.  For best results, carefully read the owner's manual and recipe booklet.  In upcoming blog posts we'll prepare helpful hints and suggestions to assist you in making delicious loaves of homemade bread for your family and friends.  We'll be giving you additional tips for using your Welbilt and also talk more about the ingredients and what exactly goes into making great bread.  This post is about yeast, here we go...

Yeast is the leavening agent that causes the dough to expand or "rise".  It is a living organism that is purchased in a dehydrated, dormat state.  Nowadays it's pretty easy to find it in your local supermarket.  When mixed with warm liquids, yeast is brought back to life.  It reacts with the sugar and starch in the recipe and subsequently develops gases which is what creates the small air pockets found in baked bread.  With the help of the Welbilt bread machine it'll come out perfect every time.  Since making bread with a bread maker is different from the traditional handmade method, you should never dissolve the yeast in liquid.  Just carefully follow the instructions given in the Welbilt recipe booklet for best results.

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